Our Commitments


Ozalys is a brand entirely committed to supporting women in their fight against cancer. This commitment has three levels: the products, the company and society.

Ozalys products are the result of three years research and innovation that meet the specific needs of women in their fight against the disease (olfactory and sensory sensitivity, dry skin, painful scars, etc.) with the same quality requirements as luxury products, and the most carefully selected raw materials on the market.

The commitment of Ozalys is also expressed in the social and environmental responsibility of the CCI Productions group, of which the Ozalys laboratory is a member, and which joined the "Cancer @ Work" network in December 2016. This business association works towards “better living with cancer and chronic illness at work". It should also be noted that the CCI R&D laboratory, which has been approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, has been actively working for more than seven years in substituting potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics and produces patented packaging that protects formulas and limits ecological impact.

Finally, Ozalys' commitment would not be complete without its actions in support of initiatives that work to remove the taboos about breast cancer (which, it should be noted, affects more than 7 million women worldwide), to change our view of women affected by this disease and to help them to rebuild their lives, accompanying them on the road to recovery. In this regard, this summer Ozalys contributed to the funding of the short film « L’échappée », a poetic fantasy tale directed by Laëtitia Martinoni, whose heroine is suffering from breast cancer, and in her hospital room, dreams of a romance with her surgeon.